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CUP presents an “In-Public” street photography workshop with Blake Andrews, David Solomons and Matt Stuart

CUP is proud to present a street photography workshop in Sweden featuring three photographers from the most important street photography collective in the world, In-Public.

© Blake Andrews/Nick Turpin/Matt Stuart

In conjuction with the “In-Public” exhibition at Snickarbacken 7, CUP and In public are pleased to announce that as part of this major street photography event, three members of the In-Public collective will visit Stockholm in person to offer a street photography workshop.

About the tutors:

Blake Andrews (US) is one of the most respected street photography bloggers in the world and has been a prolific street photographer since 1993. This is a rare opportunity to attend a workshop led by Blake on this side of the Atlantic.

David Solomons (GB) is a soulful, London based photographer with a background in documentary photography. Becoming well known for his projects such as “Up West” and “No Parking”, he has also published two books of street photographs with more books in the pipeline. He has more recently been documenting his travels through new projects while managing to retain the same sensibility as his London based projects. David joins the In-Public workshop hot on the heels of a recent set of workshops in Istanbul with Maciej Dakowicz.

Matt Stuart (GB) needs no introduction as he is possibly the widest known contemporary street photographer due to his consistent quality standard and high level exposure in publications such as Intelligent Life, The Guardian and The New York Times. Matt is a generous and articulate photographer who has a knack for making himself invisible on the streets.

Blake, David and Matt will host this two and a half day workshop, providing an introduction to street photography, plenty of time for shooting on the streets and also valuable portfolio reviews and image critiques.

Workshop Details:

Timing: This workshop will run from Friday afternoon (around 18.00 local time) May 31st until Sunday afternoon (around 16.00 local time) June 2nd.
Number of participants: Very limited. (First come, first served.)
Cost of workshop: 500 Euros, (Including dinner on saturday night.)

To secure your spot in the workshop, full payment is required 1 week after registration of intent.
To register your intent for the workshop send an e-mail to:

See you in Stockholm!

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